closet therapy

dawn baker has over fifteen years of experience in fashion merchandising and production with companies including J. Crew, Isaac Mizrahi, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, and Nicole Miller, and as an Emmy-nominated costume designer for the Ellen DeGeneres Show, giving here a discerning eye and strong intuition for what's next, new and fresh.  In addition to here experience as a store owner, buyer and stylist, Baker is sought after for here "closet therapy" in which she helps women AND men 'cleanse their closets." 

Closet therapy is a therapeutic approach to letting go of all the items that people think that they will wear "one day." Baker will come to your home and help you assess and organize your closet.  She will work with what you already own - from clothing and accessories to shoes and handbags.  Baker will guide you on what to keep, what to have tailored and what should go.  The goal is to not only make your closet "user-friendly" but also to create a space that is refreshed  and functional so that you can actually see what you own. She will teach you the fundamentals of outfit-building based on your lifestyles, personality and your assets. Tanking into consideration function and your desired look. She will also show your ways to incorporate accessories and how to transform casual looks into more formal looks. Dawn helps create an outfit for items you just didn't know how to wear!  While creating your new looks, dawn makes your own personal look book for you daily use out of your "new" fresh wardrobe.


to inquire call dawn baker boutique @ 310-374-0405